this is visual poetry by barbara toothpick

toothpick-cover-225x300I have been at this creating thing a long time… using images words sounds together. Figured that if i could trust the essence of one discipline i would really be safe trusting three. How else to get to truth… to became awake… to choose a path through the chaos.  toothpick-headshot-150x200

Did the usual things… visited ahKuhDemeEeeuh for some degrees… worked… raised children… grew lots of soil… found out how to be peaceful with a mate and friends… volunteered… managed to keep the money balanced… an uneventFULL life. EhkSieeeeTting… every day i go to the studios playing G.O.D. with the things at hand… looking to build constructs that want to hang out together over time. Sometimes i succeed. I’ve wrote the ultimate list of topics.

barbara says: Barbara Toothpick’s work has been shown, performed or collected (sometimes with her mate Alan HorseRadish) at Abington Art Center, Penn State Gallery, Free Library of Philadelphia, Moma/Franklin Furnace, Franklin Institute, Oberlin College, Tides Institute, College of the Atlantic, Philadelphia Museum of Art and other private and ephemeral galleries. Ten of her books of picture/pohms have been published Her CD’s (with AH)… Maine Songs from a Different Head is available from CD Baby and iTunes.

She is somewhat of a recluse preferring her studios to most company. Her current notion of poetry has grown out of experimenting with angst/rapture, action/politics, and story past/future… into the notion that the moment of insight… the Now of word and image implies all of that and more. She uses drawings and rightspelled words to lead… in with and under the obvious… into a bigger space.

Currently she is in rehearsal for Dance Of Life… a dance performance (with art book score/script) for which she designed the music/blocking/story. She is painting off the wall paintings for an upcoming show and she is co- designing a 20’ metal outdoor sculpture piece she hopes will “sing.”

16 full-color pages. $10 (+ s/h)