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Since 1972 he dedicates to experimental and visual poetry, using the most diversified techniques and supports. Published 9 poetry books, 3 juvenile books and 6 anthologies of Portuguese and International Visual Poetry. Since 1983 participated in more that 100 International Festivals of Performance and Poetry in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech [...]


karl kempton’s visual poems have been nationally and internationally published and exhibited since 1974. his work has evolved from typewriter to computer b&w to color and now mixed media with use of a slr digital camera. RUNE series began november 1974. edited and published KALDRON between 1976-1990. coeditor of kaldron, volume two, on-line anthology edition [...]


Anatol Knotek ( is an austrian artist and visual poet. He was born in Vienna, Austria where he still lives and works. Anatol’s work has been exhibited internationally and his concrete and visual poems have been published in journals, chapbooks, schoolbooks and anthologies. He can be reached at Anatol says: “In this book I [...]


Billy Mavreas is a Canadian cartoonist and artist living in Montreal, Quebec, whose mostly silent or wordless comics revolve around the themes of language, sexuality and spirituality. He is the co-founder of Expozine, one of Canada’s largest and most well respected small press fairs, as well as the curator and resident-at-large of Monastiraki, a shop [...]


Luc Fierens ( was born 1961 in Mechelen (BE). He’s “an active mail-artist since 1984, when he began delivering his distinctive flavor of poesia-visiva-inspired visual poetry to individuals, exhibitions, and archives around the planet. His method of production is collage, a particular brand of verbo-visual collage that makes it points by abrupt collocations of disparate [...]


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