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Роман Пиріг (Юрай) народився в 1977 році у Львові й сприймає це як покликання. Пробуджений бентежним невідомим, багато років тому він розпочав свою зречену подорож у пошуках магічного еліксиру поезії. Наука не відає, чи була ця виправа успішною, але невичерпним джерелом натхнення стало для Юрая відкриття у 2008 році загадкового світу паліндромної лірики. Тривалий час [...]


Michael Zarichnyi (1958) is a professor of mathematics at the Lviv University (Ukraine). His interests include not only geometry and topology of infinite-dimensional manifolds but also poetry, music and visual/concrete poetry. He is the author of one book of poetry, about 60 songs, and about 50 visual works. Personal exhibition of the visual/concrete poetry (Lviv [...]


Misha Magazinnik was born in the “former” USSR & has been living in the US for over 20 years. He is a member of vy da vy sindikat artist collectvie (, co-founder of NY-based experimental Russian-language publication “Magazinnik” ( His translations, poetry, visuals have been published in the US, Australia, Europe & Russia; his artist [...]


My name is Alexander Oiko. I was born in 1987. I live in Khabarovsk, Russia. My works are published in such magazines as “Drugoe Polusharie”, “Chernovik” and are the part of my book “Pyatna” (“Spots”). Besides visual poetry, I create sound poetry and ZAUM. I regret very much that russian futurists of the beginning of [...]


Born in Russia (1960) – an artist, poet, author of many realised and unrealised projects out of definite esthetics; – an inspirator and organiser of various communication creative societies (KEPNOS, Group of Unknown Artists, Smolensk School of Appologists, etc.); – a participant of some poetic actions, exhibition and seminars (Russia, Germany, USA, France, Italy, Norway, [...]