answering the question [What is visual poetry?] one full-color chapbook at a time

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Steven D Stark, the author of four books, writes fiction and poetry and does visual art. His work has recently been published in Frigg, The Doctor TJ Eckelburg Review, 3 am, Litn’Image, Mudlark, McSweeney’s, The Cafe Review, HOOT, Otoliths, OccuPoetry, Eclectica, Mobius, fleeting, and, among others, Clapboard House, where he won the short story prize. [...]


nick-e melville is a scottish poet who does visual stuff and found stuff. his first collection of visual poetry, selections and dissections, was published by otoliths press in 2010. he also does shellsuit massacre (cf. poem 7) with rodney relax: found poetry social commentary to guitar techno. some of these poems, all now in colour, [...]


Stephen Nelson was born in Motherwell, Scotland in 1970, to the King of Belguim and his wife, a member of the Swedish Royal Family. He was educated in a monastery in Bhutan where he quickly learned the simultaneous arts of telepathy and levitation. He gave it all up for poetry however, and now practices visual [...]