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Alexander Jorgensen is a writer, visual artist, teacher, and adventurer. He has lived and worked in such disparate places as Germany, the Czech Republic, the Galapagos, China, Kazakhstan, and Oman. His visual poetry and writings have appeared in Van Gogh’s Ear, Drunken Boat, Shampoo, Listenlight, Noon: Journal of the Short Poem, Moria, Big Bridge, Sous [...]


Роман Пиріг (Юрай) народився в 1977 році у Львові й сприймає це як покликання. Пробуджений бентежним невідомим, багато років тому він розпочав свою зречену подорож у пошуках магічного еліксиру поезії. Наука не відає, чи була ця виправа успішною, але невичерпним джерелом натхнення стало для Юрая відкриття у 2008 році загадкового світу паліндромної лірики. Тривалий час [...]


Marco Giovenale lives in Rome. He’s editor of His most recent book of (linear) poems in Italian is Shelter (Donzelli, 2010). His artbooks are Sibille asemantiche (Camera verde, 2008) and, under the name of Differx, aweapon (2008), Severe red (2010), unrelated | undepicted | (diptychs) (2010), and septemware (2011), all by Vugg Books. Some [...]


Massimo Sannelli. Born: 1973, 27th November. I live in Genoa, Italy. I try to follow what I think it’s the better way to live. So I’m a writer and an artist; a translator and an actor always working with voice(s). That’s all. When I make these visual poems or electronic drawings, I’d like to force [...]


NF Huth’s textual work has appeared in Listenlight, The Literary Review, Philadelphia Poets, CWM, and others. Her visual poetry was featured at The New Post-Literate, and her book of visual poetry, sansound, was published by dbqp. LAUGHING/OUCH/CUBE will publish her first book of poems. She publishes found sound at Click Buzz Chirp, and photographic images [...]


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