answering the question [What is visual poetry?] one full-color chapbook at a time

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Jenee Mateer is a photographer and video artist. She holds an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and she teaches photography and digital media at Towson University in Baltimore MD. Jenee says: “I see my work as a meditation on issues of gender, desire, identity and the complexities of language (communication). Inspired by [...]


Billy Mavreas is a Canadian cartoonist and artist living in Montreal, Quebec, whose mostly silent or wordless comics revolve around the themes of language, sexuality and spirituality. He is the co-founder of Expozine, one of Canada’s largest and most well respected small press fairs, as well as the curator and resident-at-large of Monastiraki, a shop [...]


A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz is a media artist and theorist, an assistant editor at the online journal Anti-, and a member of the art collective RUST, LTD. He is the author of two previous chapbooks, Alphabet Man (Slack Buddha) and Count as One (New River), and a forthcoming full-length collection, Afeeld: Computer Games as Poetics [...]


I am self-taught. I am especially interested in writing and making as integral aspects of the creative process. Works begin as white silk and are transformed through dyeing, painting, drawing, and screen-printing with sand. I seek a whole larger than the sum of the parts and am currently intent on discovering what it takes for [...]