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Steven D Stark, the author of four books, writes fiction and poetry and does visual art. His work has recently been published in Frigg, The Doctor TJ Eckelburg Review, 3 am, Litn’Image, Mudlark, McSweeney’s, The Cafe Review, HOOT, Otoliths, OccuPoetry, Eclectica, Mobius, fleeting, and, among others, Clapboard House, where he won the short story prize. [...]


Born 1941, Filmmaker (about 100 films for German TV), co-founder of Visual Poetry in Germany (since 1970 intern. Exhibitions & publications). Dencker did in 1972 the first TV-film (ARD/HR) and the first German anthology (Textbilder-Visuelle Poesie international. Cologne) about Visual Poetry. Dencker-Archive at the Art-Library Berlin (about 700 works & 500 books). Dencker-monograph with biography, [...]

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Luc Fierens ( was born 1961 in Mechelen (BE). He’s “an active mail-artist since 1984, when he began delivering his distinctive flavor of poesia-visiva-inspired visual poetry to individuals, exhibitions, and archives around the planet. His method of production is collage, a particular brand of verbo-visual collage that makes it points by abrupt collocations of disparate [...]


Bob Grumman’s RASP press published my first two books of visual poetry in the 1980′s. Recent work has appeared in Mark Young’s Otoliths, Michael Rothenberg’s Big Bridge and online at, and the weblogs of Jim Leftwich and Geof Huth. Marco Giovinelli produced several of my short books at GAMM editions. Among my other books [...]


Dirk Vekemans was born in Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, in 1962. Taking the internet as his natural habitat, his creative activities cover nearly all media. In 2004 Dirk initiated the Neue Kathedrale des erotische Elends, originally a website at Everything he does is somehow incorporated within this ‘opera’, a work in [...]


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