answering the question [What is visual poetry?] one full-color chapbook at a time

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Keiichi Nakamura is a Japanese mail artist. He was born in 1960. He has been making Visual poetry and Mail art since 1994. 16 full-color pages. $10 (+ s/h)


Since 1976, Mr. Helmes has been a leading international figure in experimental poetry. Work has been published in notable magazines, including Poetry, Paris Review, and the Notre Dame Review. As a writer, his work has appeared in Print, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota Monthly, and Whistling Shade, including non-fiction and fiction. As an artist and photographer, he [...]


Piotr Szreniawski is a scientist, artist, and a religious reformer. He has published various books on administrative sciences. He creates experimental comics, poemics, metapoetry, as well as epopeys, aphorisms and fairy tales. He is the head of the European Centre of Poemics. But why am I saying “he” when it is I, who writes it [...]


Steve Giasson is a multidisciplinary artist (conceptual poetry, video, performance, theater). He sees his work as a re-creation, an imperious dialogue with the dead and the living, sometimes absurd and, paradoxically, non-expressive. His researches also seek to transgress gender and to examine their limits. He realized many exhibitions in Montreal, where he is finishing his [...]


Gary Barwin is a writer, composer, and performer. His many books and chapbooks will soon include: The Porcupinity of the Stars (Coach House), How it Begins: A Short History of Bite (No Press), The Obvious Flap (with Gregory Betts; BookThug) and Franzlations (with Hugh Thomas and Craig Conley; New Star). His books already include anus [...]


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