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this is visual poetry by vsevolod vlaskine

3 October 2012 - Filed under Australia + male + vlaskine, vsevolod


Vsevolod Vlaskine was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia. Currently he lives in Sydney, Australia.

In his series of asemic photocalligrams, he explores the fluency of unobstructed, uncontrived movement mapped into the night landscape through the light of the full moon. He tries to remove photographic medium as a frame of reference, and to preserve the concrete materiality of the images, avoiding any editing.

16 full-color pages. $10 (+ s/h)


this is visual poetry by Sharon Kaye

11 September 2012 - Filed under female + Kaye, Sharon + USA


Growing up, I had an interest in both anatomy & the arts. This is a collection that overlaps those interests on the page as field/canvas. Found scraps, old photographs, medical illustrations & texts overlap & intertwine to create these verbo-visual anatomical landscapes. We speak with our bodies; here the silent/still images speak back to us.


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this is visual poetry by Jeremy Balius

18 June 2012 - Filed under Australia + Balius, Jeremy + male


Jeremy Balius was born in Dallas Texas, raised in Gießen Germany, educated in Los Angeles California, lived in Berlin Germany and has called Fremantle Western Australia home for the last eight years. His asemic pieces have appeared in The New Post-literate. He is the author of wherein? he asks of memory (Knives Forks & Spoons Press, UK) and looks after Black Rider Press.

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This collection is dedicated to Judes Balius.

Jeremy’s statement regarding the pieces in this book is here.



this is visual poetry by Joel Chace

11 June 2012 - Filed under Chace, Joel + male + USA


Joel Chace has published work in print and electronic magazines such as 6ix, The Tip of the Knife, Counterexample Poetics, OR, Country Music, Infinity’s Kitchen, and Jacket. He has published more than a dozen print and electronic collections, most recently Sharpsburg, from Cy Gist Press, and Blake’s Tree, from Blue & Yellow Dog Press. Individual pages of this visual poetry sequence have appeared in the following publications: On Barcelona, quarter after, and Word For/Word. The cover image, entitled itsstory 3, originally appeared in Lettere Grosse.

Joel says: “itsstory is a developing sequence of texto-visual poetry that I began a decade or more ago and that has taken on various lives since then. Until this year, all of the versions have been textual only, though all of them have been quite experimental in terms of formatting. It finally occurred to me that the very subject matter of the sequence demanded an even more radical visual presentation. Perhaps radical musicality is just as apt an expression, given my decision to use musical staff paper as background. Once I settled on that, I cut and pasted the primary black text for each page. Then I created a literal grab bag of variations on that primary text by cutting up altered texts printed in several varieties of type sizes and fonts, throwing those fragments into a plastic bag, and then using a flatbed scanner upon which I placed random handfuls of the bag’s fragments arranged in juxtaposition to the primary text on each page. Finally I played with Photoshop in order to sharpen up and 3-dimensionialize the images. I have increasingly come to believe that the most meaningful statements of aesthetics are, in fact, descriptions of processes.”



this is visual poetry by Alexander Jorgensen

26 March 2012 - Filed under Germany + Jorgensen, Alexander + male


Alexander Jorgensen is a writer, visual artist, teacher, and adventurer. He has lived and worked in such disparate places as Germany, the Czech Republic, the Galapagos, China, Kazakhstan, and Oman. His visual poetry and writings have appeared in Van Gogh’s Ear, Drunken Boat, Shampoo, Listenlight, Noon: Journal of the Short Poem, Moria, Big Bridge, Sous Rature, and The Return of Kral Majales: Prague’s International Literary Renaissance 1990-2010. His visual poems have been exhibited in Toronto, Atlanta, Moscow, Prague, and at the 2011 Text Festival in Manchester, UK. He was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2008.

Alexander says of his work: “It is hybrid, combining aspects of analogue and digital design. Each poem manifests its own appearance. My work is influenced by extensive travel as well as my underlying values. What’s most important to me as I construct a visual poem is that it shows intention, that I am saying, ‘Here we are.’”

16 full-color pages. $10 (+ s/h)


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