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this is visual poetry by Aditya Bahl

22 January 2014 - Filed under Bahl, Aditya + India + male


Aditya Bahl was born and brought up in the mountain state of Himachal Pradesh (India). He is currently pursuing M.Phil in English from University of Delhi and plans to base his dissertation on the minimalism in postmodern poetry. Works have appeared or are forthcoming in Counterexample Poetics, Ditch Poetry, Lilliput Review, Otoliths, iARTistas and the others. He is one of the co-editors of Bones, a journal for contemporary haiku.

Aditya’s statement about this work (34kb PDF).

16 full-color pages. $10 (+ s/h)


this is visual poetry by Fedwa Malti-Douglas

24 November 2013 - Filed under female + Malti-Douglas, Fedwa + USA


Poet, writer, and visual artist, Fedwa Malti-Douglas grew up in the Lebanese mountain village of Deir al-Qamar (the Abode of the Moon). After a career of university teaching, publications, and honors (including the Kuwait Prize for Arts and Letters, and election to the American Philosophical Society), she retired in 2012. In 2011, before fleeing the groves of academe, Fedwa received an MFA in Creative Writing from Bennington College. Her non-scholarly publications include two novels (Hisland, and The Bush-Saddam Tapes) and poetry (New Directions). She lives in Rhinebeck, N.Y. with one husband and two cats.

Fedwa says: “Must one look through darkness to see light?” asks one of the central poem/images in this collection by Fedwa Malti-Douglas as it journeys from the forests of disability to the bright colors of freedom and affirmation.

Fedwa’s digital artworks are trans-genre marriages of equality between text and image, in that neither takes precedence over the other.

Faut-il traverser la nuit (ou una selva oscura) pour trouver la lumière? C’est la question que pose cette collection de Fedwa Malti-Douglas où les mots sont mariés aux images dans les couleurs flamboyantes des vitraux gothiques.

16 full-color pages. $10 (+ s/h)


this is visual poetry by Hart Broudy

23 September 2013 - Filed under Broudy, Hart + Canada + male


Anthologies: C Pomes, Ganglia Press, 1969; Anthologized, The Cosmic Chef, Oberon Press, Ottawa, 1970; New Direction in Canadian Poetry Anthology, Holt, Rinehart, Winston, 1971; ’5c Utopia’, in The Story So Four, Coach House Press, 1976; (Revised/reprinted in The Journal of Experimental Fiction 35, Depth Charge Publishing, 2009; The Last Blewointment Anthology, Vancouver, 1985; Typewriter Art – A Modern Anthology, Lawrence King, London UK, 2014

Books: A Book of A, Blewointment Press 1974; Soundings, Press Porcepic, 1979; Contribution to Translating Translating Apollinaire, bp nichol, 1979; Serpentine, Blewointment Press,1980

Exhibits: World Exhibition of Concrete Poetry (1971-2): Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, travelling to Antwerp, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Belfast,Liverpool & Oxford.

Hart says:

Can meaning be communicated when letterforms are divorced from their normal usage
as couriers of information – and we are forced to view the seemingly commonplace with new eyes?



this is visual poetry by Steven D Stark

23 September 2013 - Filed under male + Stark, Steven D + USA


Steven D Stark, the author of four books, writes fiction and poetry and does visual art. His work has recently been published in Frigg, The Doctor TJ Eckelburg Review, 3 am, Litn’Image, Mudlark, McSweeney’s, The Cafe Review, HOOT, Otoliths, OccuPoetry, Eclectica, Mobius, fleeting, and, among others, Clapboard House, where he won the short story prize.



this is visual poetry by Daniel Lehan

17 June 2013 - Filed under Canada + Lehan, Daniel + male


Daniel Lehan – former paperboy, choirboy, shop assistant, ice cream seller, chip shop manager, petrol pump attendant, pub caterer, post office worker, theatre usher, cleaner, adult education tutor, leaflet distributor, front of house manager, t-shirt designer, screen printer, children’s book author and illustrator, gardener, teacher. Daniel divides his time between London and Québec. In recent years he has begun to perform his poetry – often incorporating objects, hand painted words and images as part of his performances. Cahier de Catéchèse, a collection of his drawings was published in 2013 by Dark Windows Press.

Daniel says: “CARDBOARD POEMS derive from my daily conversations. A particular sentence or phrase – mine, or someone else’s – ‘catches my ear’ is recorded in a notebook, and re-worked until re-imagined as a single phrase or micro tale, then hand painted with black ink onto a flattened cardboard box.

I intend the use of cardboard to have the immediacy of the transitory signs encountered in cities; the hand made signs made by people living on the streets, the slogans of political protest. The poem’s use of everyday language furthers their accessibility, although their content evokes the humorous, the mysterious, or the melancholic.

I have situated, and left, a number of these works in site-specific locations in the city of Ottawa, and in London. Each text, anonymous, abandoned in a public space, to be chance encountered by an unknown audience.

For Nuit Blanche an all night of performances, events and exhibitions held in the city of Ottawa starting at sunset on September 22nd, and ending at sunrise on September 23rd 2012, I produced NighTales. NighTales involved asking people to tell me a personal story about the night time – a recollection, an adventure, a dream. I then used these as source material to write short fictions, written on cardboard. I wrote stories until 4am, and, as I made my way home, left the each cardboard around the city.

Here in – this is visual poetry – is a collection of photographs documenting a selection of the CARDBOARD POEMS in various locations.”

16 full-color pages. $10 (+ s/h)


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