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this is visual poetry by Amanda Earl

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Amanda Earl’s visual poetry appears on the sites UnlikelyStories, The Bleed, DrunkenBoat, logolalia and OtherClutter. Amanda’s e-chapbook “a field guide to fanciful bugs” is forthcoming from Avantacular Press. Amanda runs AngelHousePress, including the annual PDF magazine,, and She is also the managing editor of and the Bywords Quarterly Journal. This chapbook is part of “Kiki de Montparnasse,” a manuscript which has been funded by the City of Ottawa and the Ontario Arts Council. For further information about upcoming readings and recent publications, please visit

Amanda says: “The work engages with some of the well known personas and artists of 20s and 30s Paris.”



this is visual poetry by Millie Niss

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Millie Niss (1973-2009) was a poet and web artist whose work was widely published on the web and in print, including the Electronic Literature Collection, SCOPE 2006, cover art for the International Journal on Multicultural Societies, Hyperrhizz, and Museum of the Essential and Beyond, dvblog, and logolalia. Her website: and blog:

Several images first appeared in different form in Word Circuits (images 2-3) Iowa Review on the Web (image 4) and Dudley House, Harvard University (image 11).

Martha Deed constructed this collection from works originally designed for exhibit in galleries or as interactive

(cover image: 2009)

Martha says for Millie: “For Millie Niss, all relationships were political, and one’s own life was also intimately connected to ever larger political and cultural circles. In the context of growing up with linguistic and family roots in France and New York State (New York City, rural western New York), much of Millie’s work draws from sources outside of US politics and literature. In her own writing, the French Oulipo movement with its constraints was a major influence and was often linked to her mathematics background. Most of her work cuts across at least two cultures.

“The 16 images collected here represent Millie’s range of interests from politics and literature to oulipo and hypertext to autobiographical reflection. The pieces, taken together, represent a self-portrait of Millie as a poet, web artist, and traveler. There are references here to Paul Theroux, to Tunisa during Ramadan, and to French culture of the early 1990s, experienced by Millie as a teenager studying for the Bac – along with the poetry games and the indignation and humor that marked much of her published work.”



this is visual poetry by John Moore Williams

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John Moore Williams claims to be a poet and, occasionally, an artist. He also claims, marginally more lucratively, to be a copywriter and editor. It’s fairly certain that he lives in Oakland, California, and that he has authored I discover i is an android (Trainwreck Press, 2008), writ10 (VUGG Books, 2008) and, with Matina Stamatakis, Xenomorphia (Wheelhouse, 2009). He also contributed lexical and visual poems, as well as book design, to [+!] (Calliope Nerve, 2009)—the last in collaboration with Matina Stamatakis and Kane X. Faucher. He also edits the visual poetry journal The Bleed ( His blog is called SinTax (

Thanks to Michael Jacobson and Mark Young, editors of The New Post-Literate and Otoliths, respectively, who originally published some of these works. This work is dedicated to my mother and to bitterness, endless sources of inspiration.

16 full-color pages. $10 (+ s/h)


this is visual poetry by Marilyn R. Rosenberg

25 March 2010 - Filed under female + Rosenberg, Marilyn R. + USA


Interacting within themselves and with the viewer/reader – content, vehicle, medium, form and word, within a concept, pull together merging the themes and the means. It is you, the reader-viewer, that completes the work!

Since 1977 – uncountable visual poems, + 25 + small editions of artists’ books, 100 + unique sculptural bookworks, a few with collaborators. See some more – + + +, works at ARTISTS BOOKS AND PRINTS, Central Booking, Dumbo, Brooklyn NY, at VAMP AND TRAMP BOOKSELLERS,, and PRINTED MATTER, NYC, NY,

Marilyn says: “TRANSPIRE TIER SPARE TEAR is made of altered visual poems. They are a merged version of 40 pages, of the hidden center in the artists’ bookwork, TIER SPARE TEAR. This work unfolded, was shown in a few places, but the hidden spare visual poetry within was not revealed, not read, and never published. The bookwork’s outer structure, the walls, in book format are folded and pressed together and are part of the visual poetry.

“Now here are 16 visual poems. All interior pages are altered, some much more than others. Individual pages merge a bit here a bite there; words jump around and are cut apart, some more, others less. A few letters are added to each page. While small metal fish images expand and flatten, circles change and repeat, and a narrative expands around the minimal words. There are images of paper tears, and implied joys and tears, and illusions of tiers.

“I am the tier of these letters and words with torn, stacked images; so, visual poetry transpired.”



this is visual poetry by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

24 March 2010 - Filed under Finland + Kervinen, Jukka-Pekka + male


(Photo by Suvi Kervinen)

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen is a Finnish writer, composer and visual artist. He is focused to computer-generated forms, creative algorithms and chance. Jukka lives in Puhos, Finland, between two lakes, near the border of Russia, with his wife and two younger children.



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