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this is visual poetry by Marilyn R. Rosenberg

25 March 2010 - Filed under female + Rosenberg, Marilyn R. + USA


Interacting within themselves and with the viewer/reader – content, vehicle, medium, form and word, within a concept, pull together merging the themes and the means. It is you, the reader-viewer, that completes the work!

Since 1977 – uncountable visual poems, + 25 + small editions of artists’ books, 100 + unique sculptural bookworks, a few with collaborators. See some more – + + +, works at ARTISTS BOOKS AND PRINTS, Central Booking, Dumbo, Brooklyn NY, at VAMP AND TRAMP BOOKSELLERS,, and PRINTED MATTER, NYC, NY,

Marilyn says: “TRANSPIRE TIER SPARE TEAR is made of altered visual poems. They are a merged version of 40 pages, of the hidden center in the artists’ bookwork, TIER SPARE TEAR. This work unfolded, was shown in a few places, but the hidden spare visual poetry within was not revealed, not read, and never published. The bookwork’s outer structure, the walls, in book format are folded and pressed together and are part of the visual poetry.

“Now here are 16 visual poems. All interior pages are altered, some much more than others. Individual pages merge a bit here a bite there; words jump around and are cut apart, some more, others less. A few letters are added to each page. While small metal fish images expand and flatten, circles change and repeat, and a narrative expands around the minimal words. There are images of paper tears, and implied joys and tears, and illusions of tiers.

“I am the tier of these letters and words with torn, stacked images; so, visual poetry transpired.”

16 full-color pages. $10 (+ s/h)


this is visual poetry by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

24 March 2010 - Filed under Finland + Kervinen, Jukka-Pekka + male


(Photo by Suvi Kervinen)

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen is a Finnish writer, composer and visual artist. He is focused to computer-generated forms, creative algorithms and chance. Jukka lives in Puhos, Finland, between two lakes, near the border of Russia, with his wife and two younger children.

16 full-color pages. $10 (+ s/h)


this is visual poetry by Alexander Oiko

23 March 2010 - Filed under male + Oiko, Alexander + Russia


My name is Alexander Oiko. I was born in 1987. I live in Khabarovsk, Russia. My works are published in such magazines as “Drugoe Polusharie”, “Chernovik” and are the part of my book “Pyatna” (“Spots”). Besides visual poetry, I create sound poetry and ZAUM. I regret very much that russian futurists of the beginning of 20th century have been forgotten undeservingly on their motherland.

My creation is often called avant-garde? But I think, that mass-poetry hasn’t been developing since 19th century. In my opinion, visual poetry shows author’s feelings and makes images brighter. Visual poetry should be a standard and should become mass-poetry. I’d like to thank Valeria Stadchenko.

16 full-color pages. $10 (+ s/h)


this is visual poetry by Peter Ciccariello

23 March 2010 - Filed under Ciccariello, Peter + male + USA


Peter Ciccariello works at the intersection of image and word and is fascinated by the space between the two. He writes and creates in digital 3-D environments using real-world photography, digitized and found text, and pieces of avatars. His book “Uncommon Vision” is available at


Special thanks to New River, A Journal Of Digital Writing And Art, Sous Rature, Oregon Literary Review, Masthead, Angel House Press, The New Post-Literate: A Gallery Of Asemic Writing, Unlikely Stories, Drunken Boat, and the National Gallery of Writing for previously publishing several of these image poems.

Cover image: Anti-poem (detail)

16 full-color pages. $10 (+ s/h)


this is visual poetry by Derya Vural

23 March 2010 - Filed under female + Turkey + Vural, Derya


Derya Vural was born in 1974, Germany. She lives in İstanbul and works as a child psychologist and addiction consultant. She is interested in modern/contemporary visual arts, maths and motor-sports. Her visual poems were published at Zinhar/Poetikhars (Turkish visual poetry website/magazine), and exhibited at the Assian visual poertry exhibition in Russia since 2005. Infusoria 2009. She is going on publishing visual poems at her personal website,

Cover image: This is a freedom of expression

16 full-color pages. $10 (+ s/h)

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