answering the question [What is visual poetry?] one full-color chapbook at a time

About & Submission Guidelines

Having solved all of the other problems in the world, I set myself to the last remaining task of importance: affordable short run color printing so that visual poetry can achieve the audience it deserves.

The long-range goal of this project is to publish the largest catalog of visual poetry in print.

Books are professionally printed on commercial equipment. Cover stock is 10pt gloss, and inside pages are Mohawk 70#. Saddle-stitched and trimmed with colored end papers.

If you are (or know) a visual poet not currently published by this series, please consider submitting. Submission guidelines are provided in pdf form below.

Dan Waber

this is visual poetry
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Submission Guidelines
currently in: English, Japanese, Italian, Hungarian, Russian, Romanian, French, Polish, Spanish, Dutch, German, European Portugese, and Arabic.

Submission Guidelines, English (20k .pdf file)
投稿方法の詳細(日本語) (105k .pdf file)
Linee guida per l’accettazione del lavoro (20k .pdf file)
Hogyan nyújthatja be munkáját elbírálásra? (31k .pdf file)

условия подачи заявок на русском языке (56k .pdf file)
другой вариант условий подачи заявок на русском языке (72k .pdf file)

Prezentarea Ghidului Româna (67k .pdf file)
Directives de soumission (19k .pdf file)
Wytyczne do zgłoszeń po polsku (48k .pdf file)
Normas de envío (57k .pdf file)
Richtlijnen voor inzendingen (a 39k . pdf file)
Richtlinien für die Einreichung (a 34k . pdf file)
Regras de submissão (a 182k . pdf file)
Правила для авторів (a 782k . pdf file)
شروط التقديم (a 99k . pdf file)