answering the question [What is visual poetry?] one full-color chapbook at a time

this is visual poetry by Sheila E. Murphy

19 April 2010 - Filed under female + Murphy, Sheila E. + USA


Sheila E. Murphy has been creating visual poetry, including asemic work, over the past 11 years. Her work has been included in multiple exhibitions internationally. Murphy’s textual poetry has been a major commitment in her life for more than three decades. Current work incorporates hand-drawn images that are subsequently treated electronically and presented in multi-layered formats. Recent book publications include visual poetry: permutoria (with K.S. Ernst) and The Case of the Lost Objective (Case), a solo book that features both visual and textual poetry. Murphy has lived most of her adult life in Phoenix, Arizona.

Sheila says: “These are the pictures that found the hand that found the light that found the punctuation that found a language past the language.”